How can i get out of my Copier Lease?

For any company, renting photocopier equipment is nothing new. Some of you reading this post may be using a copier that is no longer useful for the company. Therefore, they often look for a way to break a photocopier contract that is inadequate for their needs. The issue is more normal than it seems, so it is vital to clear up the doubt immediately.

How do copier leases work?

After completing a lease contract, various leasing organizations deliver printers. Depending on the previous agreement with the vendor, the contract usually ranges from 12 to 60 months. It would help if you were sure you had read all the provisions before signing.

The clauses often say that the lessee is responsible for choosing a vendor and the type of service they receive. However, once a contract is signed, it binds both parties equally.

Service contracts compared to copier leases

Compared to a service agreement, a copier lease covers the copier itself. A service agreement includes machine maintenance, supply orders, downtime, and remote support.

A service agreement is, in essence, a contract with the dealer that details all the services they will offer you and the price they will charge you. In any case, below, I will name the types of services.

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Types of Services

Copier service contracts come in two different varieties. A smart copy agreement is one type, while a fair market value (also known as FMV) lease is another.

The former incorporates your services and leases into a single contract, a useful feature if you have multiple locations and want to get a single monthly charge. Businesses will benefit from this because they will not have to pay each time individually but will receive a single charge each month.

The lease will be separate from the service contract under a fair market value lease, which will simplify the termination of the contract. FMV may seem like a burden if you have multiple bills to pay, but it’s worth it if you have a single-site business.

Even if you still have to complete the copier payment, you have the option to change your service provider. Due to smart copier contracts, businesses can encounter difficulties when trying to terminate a copier service contract.

Terminating a multifunction printer or copier lease agreement

The lease is broken when one party ends the deal before all predetermined conditions are met. There are ways to formally terminate your copier lease once you have established that it no longer meets your needs:

Find out what constitutes a violation of the lease

The leased copier may not be performing as claimed. See if the lease has any unfulfilled performance commitments. If so, there may be a breach of contract for the copier leasing company.

However, performance provisions are most often included in copier service agreements. Therefore, you should only check the stated contract to validate such information.

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Ask the leasing agent to review the lease or terminate the lease early

An important aspect of putting into practice is that you never know until you ask, although copier leasing companies are rarely willing to renegotiate or terminate early.

Pay the lease upfront

There are usually no consequences for choosing this option, and you may save money. However, you will be obligated to keep the equipment, especially if you no longer want it.
It’s no secret that the returns on used copiers and printers are often modest, but you can try to offset some costs by reselling the copier.

Check the lease agreement for any assumption provisions

Another company can assume the remaining terms of your copier lease through an assumption clause. By subleasing in this manner, you are effectively relieved of the cost of monthly payments.

Transferring the lease through an outright purchase from a new dealer

A new lease may have a copier lease purchase (not to be confused with a full purchase lease). Copier dealers frequently purchase leases outside the competition.

The fact allows the dealer to earn your business from modern machinery. The copier dealer will write you a check to settle the outstanding debt owed to the previous leasing company.

The problem in this situation is that you are increasing the price of the new lease by including the remainder of the old lease. Therefore, you need to study your case.

Review the lease cancellation policies

Always read the lease terms and conditions before taking further action. All cancellation terms by either party, including early termination penalties, should be explicit.

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