What does Renew Lease on Wi-Fi Mean?

All routers are responsible for assigning a unique IP address to each device that has a Wi-Fi network. But this service is not free; on the contrary, it is necessary to lease it for a specific time.

Once the time is up, you will have to renew the lease on your device. The procedure is to request a new IP address from the router to continue using the service.

What is renew a lease on Wi-Fi?

A router can control devices connected to the network using a Wi-Fi lease, also known as a DHCP lease. When a device connects to the network, the router uses a feature known as DHCP to give it a local IP address.

A client/server protocol called Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) automatically assigns an IP address to an Internet Protocol (IP) host. When a device joins again, the router will give it the same IP address after first identifying it on the network by its MAC address.

The IP address will be reserved during the DHCP lease period, typically 24 hours. The IP address will become accessible to other devices if the device does not reconnect within the assigned lease period.

Problems can arise when you connect to a public network with a short DHCP lease period and few open IP address slots. For example, airports or coffee shops often connect many users to the same network.

The IP address reserved for you is being used by someone else if you have previously connected to a Wi-Fi network but now receive a “Renew lease on Wi-Fi” notice. You can turn off Wi-Fi on your device, reconnect or hit “Renew Lease” in your phone’s network settings to resolve the issue.

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Does renewing make the connection faster?

This procedure might temporarily speed up your Wi-Fi. Still, it won’t fix download speed issues associated with the Internet service you’re paying for or wireless signal blockage caused by concrete walls and router placement.

You might get a momentary speed boost from the new IP address, but it will probably only last for a while. If you are having problems with insufficient speeds, you may be able to fix it by paying for faster speeds or turning your router on and off.

Compared to using the lease renewal option to achieve this goal, this is much more likely to help the speed and produce lasting improvements. Additionally, you can verify that your internet speeds have increased through different free programs on the Internet that help you measure your Internet’s upload/download speed.

Does renewal solve Wi-Fi problems?

Can solve some Wi-Fi problems by renewing the lease. You may not know that this solution can help with connectivity problems. But there are different compelling reasons to use this option to resolve problems with your Internet.

Devices that cannot connect to your wireless network because their IP addresses have expired are the most common reason for using the lease renewal option. The typical expiration period for these addresses configured for routers is 24 hours.

It is important to know how to complete this step to ensure that your iOS devices can connect to your home or workplace wireless network, as iOS devices often require.

When the automatic renewal process fails, this procedure may be necessary. The IP address that a device has selected may become invalid. When this happens, you must renew the lease to fix the address error and provide your device with a new legitimate address.

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The need to renew the lease

Your router will restart DHCP when you execute the “renew lease” command. We will send the new IP addresses and settings to the devices connected to the Wi-Fi.
Can resolve problems with conflicting IP addresses or your router not updating the IP addresses of connected devices with this. Using this method to fix IP address or connectivity difficulties has the drawback that it may remove devices that were previously connecting successfully.

Turning the router on and off is often preferable to selecting the “renew contract” option. When a device displays a warning to “renew the contract,” many people will still believe that the only solution is to follow the instructions provided.

You should always confirm that a simple reboot does not solve the problem to avoid further problems. If the problem continues after the reboot, it is time to renew the contract.


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