How to protest Property Taxes Tarrant County?

The Tarrant Appraisal District determines residential and commercial property values and is the basis for collecting Tarrant County property taxes.

Once this calculation is done, the assessment is made, and you can protest for a reduction to lower the amount of property taxes you must pay. The entire process needs to be done at the right time for positive results.

The Tarrant County Property Tax Protest Process

If you think it is time to file a protest, you should know the entire Procedure necessary to achieve the desired results. To begin with, you need to file a notice of protest form, Form 50 – 132.

form 50-132 The Tarrant County Property Tax Protest Process

It is necessary to download and edit it through some application intended for this purpose. The form is the reason why you have decided to make the protest. This year the deadline for submitting the form was May 15, and there were an additional 30 days after the appraisal district sent your notice of appraisal.

Should mail the form to the same address where you send your taxes annually. While preparing for the hearing, you should gather all the necessary information to support that the property is valued at more than the proper price.

The evidence can be photographs, engineering reports, and any other document that can prove it. The corresponding entities will send the hearing date and where you must appear to review the evidence and process the protest.

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It is advisable to hire a reliable company specializing in property tax abatement. That way, it is simple to do all the procedures properly and achieve the desired results.

What is the appraisal protest like?

Each appraisal district has an appraisal review board charged with disagreements between property owners and the appraisal district over the property’s appraised value. The Tarrant County Administrative District Judge appoints the board members.

While filling out the form, you should take extra care in the “reason for protest” section. The reason chosen to justify the protest will greatly influence the type of evidence that can present.
It would help if you chose the “incorrect appraised value and unequal appraisal” option. This way, you can submit the broadest types of evidence as indicated by the office.

Preparing for the hearing

The appraisal of the property is valued under the conditions until January 1; here, it is stated that any damage done to the property after the first year should not be in the protest. When the court decides on the protest, they will send the response via mail or email.

As a property owner, you can majorly appeal if unsatisfied with the appraisal review board. This way, you will have different alternatives, such as going to the district court or the state office of administrative hearings and binding arbitration.

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