How to access Free Roofs for Veterans?

America’s veterans fought for years to keep the country free, and that’s why many companies specializing in roof repair offer free roofing services for veterans.

It’s a way to say thank you for a little of what they did for the country and all the citizens who make it up. Through government support and certain private associations, it is possible to offer roof repair to those who were once part of the country’s incredible history.

How do access free roofs for veterans?

One of the popular projects is Total Pro Roofing started in 2016 and is known as the Free Roofs of Troops program. Those in charge of the benefit indicate that it is a payback to veterans who once served bravely to protect the country.

It is a program dedicated to replacing the roof of a veteran’s home in need. They use a portion of the proceeds from each paid installation they make for another family to achieve their goal.

The goal is to replace the roofs annually and, over time, do the proper maintenance to keep them in good condition. CertainTeed and Beacon have made considerable contributions to make all replacements possible to provide better services.

On the other hand, Rolling Plains Management Corporation has a roofing project for veterans. It is an alternative coordinated by the Wichita Falls Disabled American Veterans and county VSO officials. It is a program that serves 28 states across the country.

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Eligibility for the Rolling Plains Management Corporation program

It is a grant for both veterans and their surviving spouses, but it is essential to meet some eligibility criteria:

  • Be considered a low-income person as stipulated in RFA Section III
  • Meet the requirements to be a disabled veteran as defined in RDA Section III
  • Have any of the service documents such as DD Form 214 certifying release or discharge from active duty, NGB – 22, NA Form 13038 certificate of military service, or official letter of disability issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Documents such as E – Benefits summary letter with the character of service listed, Uniformed Service identification card, Certificate of honorable discharge, or driver’s license issued by the state of Texas with veteran designation will also serve

For spouses, there are also some basic documents with which they must comply. They need the Uniformed Services Identification Card, marriage certificate with veteran documentation, and death certificate with the same documentation noted above.

How do I know if I am eligible for the free roofing program?

It is essential to go to the corresponding government offices where you can receive the benefit and submit all the documents. The location of these places depends on the city where you live.

As a veteran, you will be informed by the associations that offer the assistance; you will be able to submit the requirements to verify whether you are eligible or not.

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