Content Insurance for Tenants

Even if you don’t buy a house, you can get the tenant’s insurance in the UK to protect your belongings that can be especially valuable, like money and furniture. Home content is an insurance plan that covers your belongings like furniture, appliances, and crockery. 

Content insurance for tenants is a little different from building insurance, in which the structure of your home and permanent fixtures and fittings like doors, sanitary equipment are protected. This will cover your content against damage and loss while living in your rented home or theft. 

Some exclusions can’t be covered by content insurance, such as acts of terrorism, items you take out of the home, and in case your home is unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.

You need to pay some extra to ensure your high-value items such as gadgets, cycles, and jewelry. If there is no confirmation of forced entry, the insurance company has the right to turn down a claim.

In this article, we have mentioned what content insurance covers or many other aspects, so read on to get more information about it.


What does Content Insurance cover?

Content insurance picture

Most of the insurance plans cover household items like money and other valuables, and you can add some extra amount to protect your bike and other gadgets.

Tenants’ liability

Content covers replacement or repair costs if you accidentally damage your rental property like you create a dent mark on the wall or furniture. Many tenants have cover policies that include this as standard but check your documents to remove any doubts.

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Personal possessions cover

This insurance for renters protects gadgets and jewelry while they are away from the house. Make sure to check the cover per treasure is enough to change the most exclusive item you own.

Food in your freezer

Most content covers for tenants also replace the food in the freezer if something happens to it. So, there is no need to worry if it breaks or you turn it off accidentally.

Away from home

The content insurance companies offer the essential cover for tenant belongings up to 5,000$. But you need to pay for wide-ranging protection, and that ensures the safety of your extra belongings anywhere in the world.

Unlimited content cover

There is no restriction to the total value of tenant cover, even if you are a serial shoe-shopper or cuddly toy collector. Content insurance companies protect your all belongings. 

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Essential considerations for Content Insurance tenants

If your family rents the whole house, it is recommended to buy standard content insurance. They may not pay your claim in total if you underestimate the worth of content. If you live in a shared home with other adults, you need to join together with other housemates to get the cover; otherwise, get a lock on your door if you are going solo.

If you are on your home insurance plan, you don’t need content cover because you are already covered against loss and theft under your parents’ policy. If they don’t have the insurance, check the student contents insurance coverage plan.

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Before taking out any insurance, make sure to tell your insurer or company if you own any high-value item such as a bike or gaming gadget. Because content insurance can’t cover it, and you must have to pay some extra amount for its coverage. 

If you have business visitors and bought a stock home, you need to tell your insurance company because the content insurance won’t cover those. You need to pay premiums to have extra cover for stock or visitors.