Best Books on Real Estate Investing

If you want to invest in real estate, it can be a great way to diversify your risks. Look at it this way, if you invest in real estate, it will not be related to the market; so if the stocks increase or fall, you will still have stability. 

There are several ways to invest in real estate. You can put your money in turnkey properties or multifamily rentals, and there are several things to learn as you go along.

In fact, books are a great source of information! So, in this article, we have listed the top 5 books on the subject so you can learn from the best authors.

The book on rental property investing

This was written by Brandon Turner, who is a real estate entrepreneur and vice president of BiggerPockets. This book is a guide and explains everything you want to know about rental investments. 

It also tells you the biggest mistakes rental property investors commit. If you are a beginner, you should opt for this book. It can help you to get ahead. 

the book on rental property investing

Mastering the art of commercial real estate investing 

Commercial estate is a bit different from real estate. Instead of investing in vacation or family homes, you will be investing in distribution centers, public storage, or retail units. This could have dozens or maybe hundreds of tenants. The return is higher, but it is also riskier. 

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This book can help you to understand the basics of investing in commercial real estate.  It uses six specific laws of investing which are used to produce profitability. The author, Doug Marshall, explains how to determine when the timing is right to buy commercial property. 

mastering the art of commercial real estate investing

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki talks about investing in tangible assets like small businesses and real estate. The book offers the best investing and personal finance of all time. However, there are specific lessons also. 

The book talks more about how to have a wealth mindset with real estate as the focal point. The aim is to help you generate passive income so that you earn smarter instead of harder. You should give this book a read.

rich dad, poor dad

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The book on flipping houses

If you want to flip houses, you should read J Scott’s book. He’s a professional flipper who has developed a very successful system of finding properties to flip. He rehabs them and then sells them again, without cutting into the profit margin. 

With this book, you will know how to flip as a real estate investor and evaluate markets that would help you hire contractors and put the home back on to the market.

the book on flipping houses

The book on tax strategies

Investing in real estate has tax implications. You can save on several expenses when you deduct as a real estate investor. However, the key is to ensure you’re claiming every deduction you are eligible for.

Amanda Han and Matthew McFarland are certified public accountants and offer you a tax guide that will help you minimize how much you owe to the government.

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the book on tax strategies


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