Notice to Vacate from Landlord to Tenant • Sample Letter

If you are not happy with your tenant and want him/her to vacate your property, you need to write a notice letter to your tenant to leave your property. The rent agreement between the renter and the owner, bound owners to provide advance notice before vacating the property from the tenant. If you don’t send a notice letter, you violate the law.

Therefore, the vacate letter from the property owner is an important legal document, and it should be professional and well written. It should mention the property leaving date, reason for vacating, and other important information. In short, you should follow some legal formalities to make your notice letter effective.

If you also want to write a notice letter to your property renter and are looking for the best way to write it, this article is for you. Keep reading, and we will guide you about all the crucial ingredients of writing a vacate notice letter.

Additionally, we will tell you how to optimize each element. Besides, you will also see proper formatting to arrange your document in the best possible way. Let us go straight to the topic!


Best way to write a Notice to Vacate Letter 

Choose the template

First of all, you should choose the best template for the notice to vacate letter. All the templates contain the same ingredients except for a little bit of change in formatting. You can choose any template shortlisted by our experts below for your ease.

Format 1:

Notice to vacate letter sample format 1

Format 2:

Notice to vacate letter sample format 2

Use formal language

A notice to vacate letter is a professional document, and we recommend you to write it formally. Don’t ever use conservative language in the notice letter.

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Instead, you should use third-person language in the notice letter. As it is a legal document, we advise you to proofread the letter at the end to avoid any typos and misinformation.

Mention the reason to vacate

The most crucial ingredient of the notice to vacate letter is the reason to exit the tenant. So, you must start the letter by informing that you want to clear your property from the renter.

After that, mention the reason why you want him/her to vacate your property. The reason is the essential part, and if you don’t mention the reason, your notice letter will lose credibility.

Mention the date

The date is an integral part of every notice letter, whether you write to vacate the property or alarm him about any other thing. So, you should mention the date until you want him to leave the property.

The second paragraph of the body should contain the date to vacate and urge the renter to leave before the due date to avoid any legal activity. However, you should provide an appropriate time to the tenant to leave your property as mentioned in the contract. 

End the letter

We recommend you end the letter with some blessing line or some call-to-action. For example, you can write, “Have a nice day!” or if you wish for some call-to-action line, you can say, “Waiting for your response!”

Final words

A notice to vacate letter from the landlord to the tenant is an important legal document. Therefore, you should follow several formalities and take care of several other things to make it look professional. You can go above and check all the necessities to write an effective vacate notice letter.