Damage Letter Sample to Irresponsible Tenants

In most rental agreements, tenants take responsibility for damages and agree to pay the charges in case of any damage to the property. The tenant also provides some security fees in advance to cover the damage costs. You have to return this security to the tenant in 14-60 days after the renter leaves the property.

However, if you notice any damage in your property after vacating from the tenant and want to cut a portion of the security fee to compensate for the damage cost, you have to write a damage letter to the tenant. 

This damage letter is a critical document and must include some legal formalities to increase its credibility. Therefore, you must follow some formalities and use some other healthy tips below to give it a professional look.

If your renter has also damaged your property and you want to write an influential damage letter to the tenant, you should read the article till the end. Here, we will notify you how a damage letter from landlord to tenant works and what to include in the letter to make it effective and professional.


What damages are tenants responsible for?

Before writing the damage letter, you must be aware of the harm that comes under the renter’s responsibility. If you include other cracks in the list that don’t come under the tenant’s responsibility, you might have to face several consequences.

Therefore, it is better to know the damages you should see in the property after vacating from the occupant to avoid any hassle. Some examples of damages you should keep an eye on are:

  • Broken pipes
  • Broken fixtures
  • Broken electronics appliances (microwave, refrigerator, oven, fans, etc.) from mistreatment
  • Broken doors and windows
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How to write a damage letter?

STEP 1: Check damages and estimate the cost

First, you should visit the property and go to every room to check the damages. You should note each damage on some page and check whether it falls under the tenant’s responsibility or not by law. Then, you should ask some repairer to estimate the cost of damage.

STEP 2: Choose a template

Now, you have estimated the cost. It is time to write the damage letter. For this purpose, you should choose an appropriate template for writing. You can pick one of the two templates shortlisted by our experts below:

Format 1:

Damage letter format 1

Format 2:

Damage letter format 2

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STEP 3: Notify all the damages

In the first paragraph of the body, you should notify the tenant of all the damages and clarify that it falls under your responsibility by law and agreement signed. Further, you should also tell the compensation of the costs of the damages.

STEP 4: Ask for repair

Then, you should ask him in clear words to repair it yourself, or I will cut the cost from security according to my estimated price. Also, discuss the deadline if he wants to fix it by himself.

STEP 5: Show evidence

If you have already repaired all the damages, you shouldn’t follow step 4. Instead, you should attach the slips and bills to give evidence of repair and cut the cost from security. Proofread the damage letter compulsory to avoid any misinformation.

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Bottom line

If your renter damages your property, and you want to cut the cost from security, you have to notify him/her by a damage letter. It is an essential document, and you have to follow several formalities to make it professional. You can go above and check how you can write an effective damage letter to the tenant step-by-step.