“I Want To Buy Your House” Sample Letter Template

The offer price is not the sole factor that sellers contemplate before selecting an offer. One of the most integral factors for sellers is to know who is interested, willing, and able to buy their home. This is why buyers need to champion the art of writing a compelling offer letter for buying a house. 

It can be beneficial for buyers to make an offer that stands out from others, mainly when the market is competitive. One right way to make yourself stand out is to include a personalized letter to the seller stating your unique offer. This can add a personalized touch to the buying process and make it seem less transactional to the seller.  

Whether you are a veteran in house hunting or have just entered into the real estate buying process, including a compelling and well-written offer letter with a one-of-a-kind offer can turn things around in your favor. In this guide, we provide you with essential tips and offer letter templates to help you win over the seller’s interest and take a step closer to your new home. 


Tips on How to Write a Captivating House Offer Letter

1. Personalize your opening statements

If you want to write a winning house offer letter for buying a house, make sure your letter is heartfelt and friendly. You need to address the letter very creatively. Even if you do not know the owner’s name, you can still form some sort of connection while addressing them. 

2. Enlighten them about yourself

An offer letter for buying a house is one of the best chances you have to show an accurate representation of yourself behind all the paperwork. You will not find a better way to establish a personalized connection than giving something to the seller through which they can envision you and your life. 

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3. Draw attention to their home aesthetics and attributes

If the owner has been dwelling in their home for many years, they will naturally take immense pride in it. In your house offer letter, you should mention all the things you genuinely love and cherish about their home. Every seller loves to fish for compliments, and this is the best chance for you as a buyer to win their hearts.

4. Find connections

While visiting the house, try to look for connections and mention them to the seller in your letter. Maybe a family picture, a painting, a similar style of the open kitchen back from the house where you grew up, or anything you can relate with.

5. Justify your bid

Finally, as you head towards the end of your offer letter, you can move to more practical and concrete measures. Be respectful, polite, and honest because you certainly wouldn’t want the seller to feel like you are putting up excuses for the price you quoted. Instead, you should utilize your offer letter to add some context and weight to your bidding price. A message like this might be helpful:

justify your bid

6. End the letter with thanks

The closing of the offer letter is your last and only chance to flatter the seller. You should always thank them countless times and inform them that you will be waiting to hear from them soon.

Here is an example of what a house offer letter template usually looks like:

buy a house letter sample 1

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Sample Letter to Buy a House That Is Not For Sale

A house offer letter to buy a house that is not for sale also follows more or less the same procedure. Additionally, you need to be very polite in your offer letter. Also, let them know that you are aware their house is currently not for sale. Still, you are very much interested in buying their home and are willing to give them a very enticing offer for it. 

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If you wish to purchase a place that’s not for sale, you must be ready at all costs to be very generous. This might be the only way to change the seller’s decision and convince them to put up the house for sale. You can offer to purchase a house that is not available for sale, but at the same time, you should be prepared to face rejection. 

Even though everything in the world has a price, some things have sentimental ties attached to them, mostly homes. Even the highest amounts of money cannot compete. Hence, sometimes, no amount of money is deemed sufficient enough to make the owner hand over the house keys to you. 

In other instances, the seller might quote a much higher price than the house’s estimated value. An offer letter for a house that is not for sale might appear a bit like this:

Sample Letter to Buy a House That Is Not For Sale

Sample Letter to Homeowners Asking To Sell

Most importantly, you must bear in mind that when you write an offer letter to homeowners asking to sell, you are making an attempt to buy merely more than just a commodity. 

In reality, it is the current owner’s home, their peaceful abode, and the place where they have dwelled for years and possibly raised their children. It might be the owner’s very first time, which they bought from their hard-earned money. That “home” might be filled with thousands of memories. 

This is why you need to write a personalized offer letter with a compelling offer to tell the seller who you are and how much their home would mean to you and your family. Inform them of your plans and how much you adore and value their home. 

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If you are lucky enough to establish an emotional connection, you can eventually persuade the owner to consider your offer and accept it even if you offer lesser than the quoted price. 

When to Include a Personalized Letter with Your Buying Offer

You should always include a personal letter along with your house buying offer, whether the seller is single, a family, a financial institution, an investor owner, or somebody in a short sale scenario. This personal letter is highly likely to affect the owner’s decision in a positive way.

Things to Include

Here are some top things you should include in your offer letter to make it more compelling:

  • A photo (preferably with your family)
  • Connections and authenticity
  • Lots of compliments
  • Emphasize your financing
  • Involve the community
  • Include sentiments like emotions and flattery

Here is an example of what your offer letter for asking a homeowner to sell should look like:

Personalized Letter with Buying Offer