How to Scare your Landlord?

When a landlord starts with a new lease to a tenant, he will always want a good relationship to reduce any problems and make the tenant want to stay more months in the lease.

But a landlord is not working with tenants for the first time and should be aware that, if he would like to receive good treatment from his new tenant, he must comply with all the established rules and promises.


What happens if your landlord doesn’t follow the rules?

The moment the head of the facility or landlord starts not respecting the contract and not complying with all kinds of promises is when you have to start setting limits to try to save the peace in the parking lot.

The biggest mistake many people make is to remain silent because they feel that, as tenants, they depend on their landlord and, therefore, must accept any misbehavior.

But the reality is different; when a landlord starts to break everything agreed upon, the tenant has the right to talk to him and ask him to abide by the terms of the lease.

The truth is that this is usually not enough because the kind of landlord who doesn’t care about the laws will not listen to you or have any respect for you.

How do I get my landlord to listen to me?

When you get to the point where your landlord doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t care about the lease, the best way to get him to react is to fear that he has a basis.

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It will be unnecessary to try to generate fear with some situation that never existed for you or that you are inventing. The best option would be to stick to the law, to be able to warn the landlord of the consequences of his actions.

In some cases, warning about the consequences is irrelevant to them, as they are used to dealing with tenants who complain but do nothing about it; luckily, you are different.

How can I scare him?

First, you must be aware that violence will never be the way. Never choose to inflict any verbal or physical violence in an attempt to solve internal tenancy problems.

Always be legal because you need an impeccable record to go to court. No one can point the finger at you for violating the lease to get the most out of your evidence.

A landlord will seek to apply his laws to his account, using the excuse that these are his facilities and, therefore, he can change the rules as he pleases.

But the reality is different; if a landlord wants to change the lease between you and him, he will have to wait in some states for up to 60 days to process the change, and you have to be in the know.

What can I tell my landlord?

Before you start talking, nurture yourself with as much information as possible to get the best confidence in talking to him. Explain to him why you need him to stop acting the negative way he does.

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But if he ignores it, you could start talking to him about every consequence of his actions, from breach of contract to unannounced changes to harassment. Depending on his action, you will have to analyze your next steps very well. If possible, save the conversation on a recording from your phone so that you have solid proof that he is acting illegally.

If he asks you to leave the lease abruptly, explain that to request an eviction, he must go to the police to ask for it and have the sheriff come and leave you the eviction request.

And when the sheriff arrives, show him all the recordings of how you warned him of every legal consequence, and he ignored it. The landlord will probably get overly upset, so it is important to record that and call the police. When the police arrive, you can calmly tell them everything that happened with the body of evidence you have.