What are the apartments that accept the Rhino?

Created Rhino to improve and empower the lives of tenants. Our goal is to develop goods and services that enable renters to live more affordably in the residences of their choice.

Currently, Rhino provides flexibility and financial freedom by giving hundreds of thousands of tenants the option to reduce their initial move-in costs. You can only use Rhino in properties that have consented to partner, so choosing an apartment before purchasing Rhino coverage is essential.

Apartments that accept Rhino

All you have to do to get Rhino is locate an apartment associated with the company. Some alternatives that are known so far are:

The Heights at Park Lane

Dallas is a very hot city, so The Heights at Park Lake offers its residents not one but two outdoor infinity-edge pools and a lovely aqua lounge.

Once you’ve had your fill of the panoramic view of downtown Dallas, you can relax on your wrap-around terrace for even loftier views or retreat to your cool, air-conditioned apartment within the building.

Choose from one-, two- or three-bedroom apartment designs with wide hardwood floors, high ceilings, and stainless-steel appliances, as well as loft, floor, or tower apartment floor plans.


Thirty377 is a private complex with a prime location along Katy Trail in uptown Dallas. They know what their tenants need and offer modern apartment amenities. Each rental unit has a smart thermostat, smart locks for increased security, and smart plugs, giving the occupant full control over their environment.

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The entire smart home package includes smart speakers, which are compatible with all apartments and can be used to add music to the daily routine.

Thirty377 apartments feature dark wood floors, full chef’s kitchens, and high ceilings with traditional Southern design elements such as arched entryways and massive internal columns. Comfort and beauty come together in these apartments.

Lakewood Flats

Renting in Lakewood Flats offers perks like covered parking in a state with erratic weather. In addition to luxurious townhouses with cottage-style interiors that feature dark wood floors, handcrafted cabinetry, granite countertops, and a rustic kitchen island, Lakewood Flats also offers one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments.

How do I apply for free company credit?

All Pro members will be eligible for Rhino credits starting March 10, 2020, in addition to their regular Pro credits. We can use these credits to build and advertise Rhino-qualified residences.

Complete the free Rhino registration form to activate your account and earn these free Rhino credits. Depending on their Pro plan level, Pro users will receive a set number of free Rhino credits in their RentHop account one business day after registering:

  • Pro Silver members receive 50 Rhino Credits/month
  • Pro Gold members receive 150 Rhino Credits/month
  • Pro Platinum members receive 300 Rhino Credits/month

Rhino is looking for partners

Rhino is accessible in 46 states, with plans to soon reach the last four states (Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming). Depending on where you move, there are two methods for finding Rhino-related properties.

  • You can access the rental website for New York City residents and go to the “listings without deposits” option listing
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listings without deposits

The procedure is simple, enter the zip code of the city you are moving to, and the platform will display all the available options.


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